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Our inspection and certification services are geographically restricted to the member states of the European Union and Canada

Through our efforts on international harmonization of certification systems and the evaluation of certification bodies by our lead auditors and technical experts we contribute to the international integrity of products from organic agriculture.

Webinar sessions on the new EU Organic standard,
for African companies

A series of three webinars on the new EU Organic regulation for interested operators and companies in 11 African countries will be offered between 25th of October and 12th of November 2021.

These webinars are targeted at companies that are already organic certified, companies that already produce organic, but are not yet third-party certified and wanting to learn more about organic certification, companies that want to get an overview of the new EU organic regulation, and ideally companies that already have initial experience with exporting to the European Union.

What are the three webinars about?

Webinar 1: Introductory webinar, which provides an overview of the EU organic regulations, highlighting the planned changes in the regulation, and how to get organic certification.

Webinar 2: In-depth webinar on the topic of regulation and certification for organic plant production (including topics like group certification, wild collection, processing).

Webinar 3: Introduction to the topic of export market connections, market entry options and business opportunities in Germany/Europe for African companies.

The webinars will be offered to operators and companies in Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda (in English); in Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia (in French); and in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia (in French language with Arabic simultaneous translation).

The webinar series is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, namely the Alliance for Product Quality in Africa and the Business Scouts for Development, and held by a team of international lecturers, coordinated by the German Certification Body GfRS.

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Registration for the English Webinars via the following link or by scanning the QR code:

Dates of Webinars

Seminar time abbreviations: AM: 10h - 12h (Berlin), PM: 15h  - 17h (Berlin)

Language Country Webinar 1 Webinar 2 Webinar 3
English Ethiopia 25/10 AM 25/10 PM 2/11 PM
Ruanda 25/10 AM 26/10 AM 3/11 PM
Uganda 25/10 AM 26/10 AM 3/11 PM
Ghana 25/10 AM 27/10 AM 4/11 PM
Namibia 25/10 AM 8/11 AM 5/11 PM
Français Senegal 2/11 AM 3/11 AM 10/11 AM
Côte d'Ivoire 2/11 AM 3/11 AM 10/11 AM
Morocco (fr) 2/11 AM 4/11 AM 11/11 AM
Tunisia (fr) 2/11 AM 5/11 AM 12/11 AM
Arab Morocco (ar) 26/10 PM 27/10 PM 10/11 PM
Egypt (ar) 26/10 PM 27/10 PM 10/11 PM
Algeria (ar) 26/10 PM 27/10 PM 10/11 PM
Tunisia (ar) 26/10 PM 28/10 PM 11/11 PM